• Being Goth isn't just about fashion; it is a state of mind, a way of expressing your most intimate thoughts and emotions by using your body as a creative outlet. It is a distinctive manner of viewing and experiencing life as a free spirit in a society that is painfully unimaginative and traditionalist.

  • listening to shitty, boring, moody, suicide inducing music

    like joy division/nauhaus/new order/the cure etc

    and hanging out at your local cemetary

  • Goth to me, is a more surreal side of Metal and Punk, that blends the two music, with a heavier relative and sometimes more melodic overtone (mostly on Keyboard). It isn't better, but never tries to be, just different and less agressive than both, but very Dark and Deeper, and sometimes more sensual, and haunting. Metal is a sword ready cut in two, Punk is a dagger that plunges the victim while Goth is the Wet Towel, that drowns you as you struggle.

  • Hot and scary

  • @RockChickXL i fucking loved being a goth, when i escaped my sadistic repressive parents aged 15 i totally went for it, loved how expressive i could be, the drama and theatre of it. It was so.different to the mundane bullshit I'd been brought up in. Loved the fashion, the music, the literature, the dry ice in the clubs, the shock factor. Didn't so much enjoy the random abuse i got walking along the street so much but even that helped form my fuck you, I'll do what i like attitude. And.im still.a.huge fan of the cure, sisters of mercy, the nephilim etc 30 years later. Oh and my goth girlfriends looked spectacular!

  • @RockChickXL To me personally; being goth means invading Rome in the 3rd century.