• How would you define love? And how do you know when you love someone?

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    How would you define love? And how do you know when you love someone?

    For me, love is a falicy. These days people don't take the word as it should be. People tend to use the word in a similar way to using the word sorry. It rolls off the toung way to easy, hence losing its strength, its power.
    As for definition, I think that is open to individuals interpretation.

  • Love is willingness to suffer for someone else.

    Think about it? Your parents raising you as a baby are not exactly having a luxury holiday. But they are suffering for your love.

    Some psychologists argue that love is technically a mental illness that is why it affects people differently and some cannot feel it, which I think is horrible.

  • @marcomarco Well I m just a kid but then too I speak too much according to my age 😂 so I don't mind talking about love . So according to me , love is a spark ! M a teenager and this is the age when we meet our first love ! I used to believe that there's nothing like one sided love but when I met this one certain person , I started to believe in one sided love . Love is a mixed feeling , when you are attracted to somebody's personality , all their plus points as well as flaws are visible to you , when you care about them like you care about your parents or yourself . This one was THAT kind of love but there are other kinds of love like , I love myself , I love my parents , I love my best friend ... But these kinds of love also include caring and visibility of plus points and flaws. When you love somebody , you start seeing that person by a different perspective , you notice certain things about him/her that even they don't notice about themselves ! It's a really amazing feeling !