• Making your mom proud is enough for me to say I’m already successful with my life. But just recently my mom told me I am a disgrace. How come? I asked her how and why. She responded about me not focusing on my work and keep on travelling to different places. I’m already done with my studies for two years now, and even graduated with honors. I also have my own business which helps my family in our daily finances. Are those not enough in making her proud of me? What else should I do? Before I travel, I make sure everything’s fine with my business. How should I deal with my mom?

  • Someone in here experiencing like my situation between me and my mom can you give me an advice!

  • @radiant1978 Maybe joining in an international dating blog event made your mom angry with you because most people have lots of negative perception about it. They discriminate the people involved in it because they thought that it's a form of exploitation. Just explain it to your mom carefully because all mothers want what's best for their children.

  • @hurleyking I absolutely agree with your Sir. And maybe also @radiant1978 you could set a dinner date with your mom and have a serious conversation with her. Ask her calmly why she's gone mad at you.

  • -deleted-

  • @radiant1978 ask your mom why she act like that, try to listen to her. just keep on doing good things to make her happy.

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  • @iSwallow2 nice family

  • I always tried to make my mom love me... it never happened,I disowned her.I'm healthier with her out of my life.

  • @kittypie pm me

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