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    Hmm so once upon a time i used to watch a lot of animes, and play games, specially dota 2. And then i got affiliated with a research lab, and boom i haven't had much free time for some while.
    I am trying to learn korean as well as i am working on a project. Still like to come here in case i may be able to talk to someone interesting.

    Korea is some country i would say, people here are so different from the my home country. First of all they are very helpful, the people I have gotten in contact with, or any others around, they have been very helpful to me.
    The other thing they mind their own business and will never disturb you. Its very quiet here and during all my time of stay here, I have never even heard a single horn sound or anything like that.
    I wish they could speak a bit more of English, like seriously they don't even count in English, I remember the time I had to buy a Sim card, and in the whole shop there was not a single person who could speak enlgish, it was all samsa khamsa jusseoyo woayo, and still with this kind of language inclination, they have managed their own pretty well, they have everything of their own, their ebays, products, web engines, just anything you name, they have their own version of it.

    I am pretty interested in staying here for a while so i am taking those Korean classes, and to learn some other stuff. My current Korean expertise is Poppo jusseoyo, which translates to "Please give me a kiss on my cheek", lol just kidding, can do much better. What i do for learning korean is that i would translate a catchy kpop song and memorize all of it, for example i translated that momoland song that @its-bobby posted.

    If you would visit korea ever, then do visit jeju. The rest of the korea is about downtowns and skyscrappers, (maybe i am not pretty sure). Jeju is all about the natural beauty, the beach and the mountains, you can never get enough of it.

    Oh also, to some of the ladies out here, do try the korean skin products and cosmetics, they are very good, like God tier good, not expensive or anything, its just the materials they use. I have tried one for acne and some shampoo, ITS VERY GOOD.

    I could keep ranting on and on, but I think its enough. If you would like to know about something specifically you can message me

    ANd as usual, a random song video thing, i think you know about this one @its-bobby

  • @jynextremist
    Glad to see you doing well.
    All the best

  • in case i may be able to talk to someone interesting.

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  • @stranger_danger yeah i know that feeling

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    @sammy lol, when i first saw this gif i thought you were in there somewhere :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

  • Are there any big changes since the korean war was over? Ughh I really wanna live in korea.
    Ps. SuJu was my kpop era lol
    Another SuJu song

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    @zazzles lmao, where do they get the ideas for such videos :D :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

  • @jynextremist its kpop. Why do you even ask? 😂🤷

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    @zazzles yeah i forgot that, my bad :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_closed_eyes: