Are you a gold digger?

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    For some people, dating isn't about finding that one special person who completes you, but rather it's about status. So are you a social climber or just a woman who knows what she wants? Find out by taking our quiz below.

    1. On a first date, you would expect a man to pay for you:

    A. Never – you're an independent woman!

    B. Sometimes, especially if he asked you out.

    C. Always.

    1. You currently live in:

    A. The town you grew up in.

    B. The suburbs, but you commute to the city for work.

    C. A large, urban city like Chicago or New York. You would never live in the hicks!
    3. In your high school yearbook, you were voted:

    A. 'Nicest All-Around Student.'

    B. 'Most Popular.'

    C. 'Most Likely to Succeed."
    4. Initially, you find that you are attracted to men based on:

    A. How they behave.

    B. How they look.

    C. How they dress.
    5. Regardless of what you do now, your dream job would be:

    A. Teacher.

    B. CEO of your own company.

    C. Whatever makes you the most money.
    6. Career-wise, you would be happy:

    A. Balancing work and family.

    B. Giving up your career once you're married.

    C. Keeping your job, only if you could afford to have a nanny and housekeeper.

    1. Before getting engaged, you let your boyfriend know that a proper engagement ring should cost:

    A. Whatever he can afford.

    B. At least 3 months of his salary.

    C. More than the rings of every other married woman you know.
    8. No matter what his other attributes are, you would never date a man who was:

    A. Unkind.

    B. Uneducated.

    C. Unemployed.

    How did you score?

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    @trose18 now I aint saying she a gold digger. But she aint messinf with no broke nig*** -Kanye West

  • Henlo Gang tws gay club but no homo SPARTAN Global Moderator Doggo Wuvers

    1. B, I believe the person who asked the other out, wether it be the guy or girl, should be the one to pay.

    2. A/B, I live in the town I grew up in and it happens to be a large city

    3. A, probably.. idk really

    4. C, if we go out and they didn't even make an effort to properly dress when I do, then no thank you. I find it shows just how committed you are to a relationship, dress to impress and all that.

    5. B, I like the idea of being rather independant

    6. A, definetly

    7. A, beautiful wedding rings can come in a variety of price ranges, i don't care how much it costs as long as it's not a fake plastic ring XD

    8. A/B, having at least some kind of higher education is really important to me, but it isn't worth shit if you're a dick

    I don't think I'm that much of a gold digger, but maybe a little 😅

  • @trose18

    1. B -Sometimes, especially if he asked you out.
    2. C- A large, urban city like Chicago or New York. You would never live in the hicks! (but not sure tho)
    3. (past, i dont have high school year book, or i forgot do i have one? lol )
    4. B- How they look.
    5. C- Whatever makes you the most money.
    6. B- Giving up your career once you're married.( i think i will do this)
    7. A- Whatever he can afford and i like
    8. A- Unkind and C- Unemployed

    gold digger

  • Freedom Writers

    1. A - Never – you're an independent woman! (I will be)
    2. A - The town you grew up in. (Because I am just 15)
    3. A - 'Nicest All-Around Student.' (All my friends tell me so)
    4. B - How they look. (That's the first thing you notice in a guy)
    5. None of those. (I want to be what I want to be)
    6. None of those. (I want him to take care of the family and for me my job)
    7. A - Whatever he can afford. (I sometimes feel uncomfortable even if someone spends a penny for me)
    8. A and B - Unkind and Uneducated.

  • Gamers

    Mostly A's

    Well, throw yourself a party; you are an Independent Woman. And while you can appreciate a good-looking guy as much as the next girl, you're just fine taking care of yourself, thank you very much, and are more interested in finding out about a man's inner qualities more than his stock portfolio.

    Mostly B's

    Dear girls, do you find that when you go to buy frozen yogurt that your preferred flavor of choice is a chocolate and vanilla swirl because you like them both? I wouldn't be surprised because you are a Mixed Bag. On one hand, you don't expect that a man should provide you with your every need, but on the other, you have standards. In short, you walk the line between Independent Woman and Status Dater, and might even consider dating a plumber (but only if he looked like a young Brad Pitt.)

    Mostly C's

    Date a plumber? The very thought makes you a little sick because you, my Louboutin-wearing, Ivy League-graduate friend, are a Status Dater. Some people may revile you as a cold, social climber who's only interested in a man's financial net worth, but what do they know? They're just jealous.

    1. A I'm an independent woman (well not yet, but I'll be)
    2. A (I still live at my parents house, duh)
    3. None of those
    4. B/C (well dressing it's not essential but it's a point in their favor)
    5. Any job that makes me happy and that isn't routine or boring
    6. A (if I ever have a family)
    7. A (it's the detail what matters, I don't care what he spends)
    8. A/B

    1. b

    2. c

    3. b

    4. a

    5. b

    6. b

    7. a

    8. a


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