• I don't know what to think of those moments. Feeling nothing doesn't seems to be wrong I guess. But I want to know what you think.
    By "feeling nothing" i mean that you had no emotions no feeling. Nothing inside of you.

  • lol my last time when i couldnt feel a thing is when i numbed my arm and i did everything to it and i did not feel a thing lol.
    just kidding idk what u really mean by "couldnt feel anything" cuz like ur in a kinda neutral position and that has never happened to me tbh.
    but then i think that when someone says "couldnt feel anything" ur just feeling sad and blank inside ur just feeling lonely for the moment

  • "Maybe we feel empty because we leave a part of ourselves to those we left behind."

    • oyasumi punpun

  • @decent-chat woooow I would love to be you to have never felt nothingness.

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