Birthday of the best person here!!!!

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    @Zazzles Happy Birthday Zaz!!! I hope I'm the first one to wish you haha. Anyway, just enjoy your special day. Idk if I've said you this before but you're my closest friend,or maybe my best friend. Really, you're very special and you're the coolest person I know( even though your music sucks 😂). I guess I'm very bad at this😂

  • @stanger_danger one of the best birthday greeting! Thanks 🍻

  • @stanger_danger This is the best birthday wish ever lmao

  • Reptile doesnot know you @Zazzles .Reptile doesnot care.Reptile does what he pleases.

    Reptile wants to wish you a Happy Birthday.
    Reptile wishes you a Happy Birthday.

    Reptile slides out.

  • Music Lovers

    @zazzles Damn! My phone sucks. I came 2nd just cause of this stupid phone. I hate it.
    Anyway, Just one thing: ANIMES ARE STUPID 😂
    And yes it means you've to change my password again, but this time correctly haha

  • @rendezvous wait. Does this mean I'll have to change your password again? 🤔😂

  • Happy birthday to you even if we don't really know each other. I hope you're happy. Stay happy and beautiful! God bless you. xx

  • @rendezvous thank you Ren! 😚 I really appreciate it although I'm sorry to tell you that you came in second by just a couple of minutes 😂. I also didn't expect to come across an awesome friend like you here. Although you like to talk about technical scientific stuff a lot and you hate anime and kdrama (😑), you don't know yu-gi-oh and we fight over the stupidest thing, you still became the closest person to me here on tws and in real life.
    And my music taste doesn't suck, you just cant appreciate it 😛


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