• Heath Ledger Or Jared Leto

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    Mark Hamill 😛

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  • ...Mark Hamill,
    specifically from the 'Arkham' games/universe, Ig.

    Also, just wanted to say that I feel like Jared Leto, as an actor, has pretty good potential to give a great portrayal of the Joker, but in 'Suicide Squad', it overall didn't work out for many people (including myself). I believe that is mainly due to the material he was given to work with, and since the director (David Ayer)'s vision/ideas formulated a completely different version of the character that was quite disappointing, especially when compared to previous versions. He certainly wasn't as good as I'm sure he could've been. I didn't hate Jared's Joker in 'Suicide Squad', but I can't say I liked it much either, especially knowing how much better it could've been. I do like certain things about how he is more unique, but.. meh.

    Hopefully next time we see Jared's Joker appear in the DCCU, he's got at least most of the issues fixed up by the creative team/filmmakers. After all, WB/DC responded to criticisms of "Superman being too dark/gloomy" by making slight changes to the character that made sense, so I think it should be pretty simple to do with the Joker.

    I'd also love to discuss why I love Ledger and Hamill, but I've written too much already, and I'm sure that every geek on here knows at least the basic ideas.

    So.. yea. In conclusion, I don't feel like it's entirely fair to compare Jared Leto's Joker with Heath Ledger's Joker just yet. Ledger was absolutely able to bring forth his full potential, I think Leto is still going to get his chance.

    Still, Mark Hamill is the OG. Leder's probably second best on my list.