• Alright so here’s a good one I’ve been lonely all my life, sure you may think that saying that”oh I’m lonely” is just cause I don’t see people much it’s absolutely nothing like that loneliness is everything but being away from people... what it is to me is feeling unnoticed be it people talk to me or say nice things yeah it does feel nice but it doesn’t take away the creeping feeling that it’ll all be taken away like a simple scratch on that reputation of needing affection or attention will change everything about it.
    True loneliness is being ignored to an extent, in my childhood I was the black sheep no one really cared about me no one had interest in me I felt separated from other kids at school as no one really wanted to get to know me sure I had the reputation of the nice, polite kid but that’s all they knew about me no one cared about what was going on at home no one came up to me to ask me about my life no one was interested in what I thought about things only certain friends who I hold dear to my heart had taken up the time to check up on me or ask me on my feelings but those times were rare.... you feel left out, unappreciated for things you think or go through, you struggle to keep moments lasting, time seems to always be on your back, heck you even feel depressed during social times cause you can’t really rely on people to be there you can’t hug someone and they tell you it’s gonna all be alright. It’s complete madness how some people go through this and still have the heart to put on a smile each day... and I know a few people like this me included who constantly are on edge to try and get their lives together you keep on saying you’ll never be depressed but that ends up straight bringing some straight to that and to put it in more it’s usually what we least expect from damage to be the nice one, the kind, the generous, courageous all things that most people cannot share as they lack the ability to be as close with people this doesn’t change who we or what we do it just puts perspective on what we value on our lives friends, family, loved ones... they help ever so slightly in it to keep others from those feelings. I hope to all who can relate to this or have been through the empty feeling of being unloved or uninvolved with others. That’s the true meaning of loneliness to me

    With open arms

    To all who’ve helped ease the times I’ve spent alone
    Luc (the only friend I had in my childhood)
    My family
    And many others some on the TWS team and some not I love you all with to a close place in my heart


  • @kat_15 don’t cry it’s nothing of what causes pain it’s just what some people go through but we all express our love for all who care

  • @rabbitboy Yeah true AND I CARE

  • @kat_15 I know you do and it’s why I care for others as well so they don’t feel as much as others do

  • Hey! Thanks man! And yeah I know that feeling of always being left out it happens to me all the time, but y'all are the only people who actually accepted me, so thanks y'all! And dude seriously if you need anything just send me a message or something. And I got mentioned twice! Haha bishes get wrecked! 😎

  • @rabbitboy You're very welcome. Please come to me for anything. You've got plenty of love here for you.

  • @rabbitboy awww come here buddy. I will always fucking forever be here if you need me. And no one is allowed to feel alone when Im around..i have like, twelve personalities it feels like.
    Thx for being a friend. And yayyyy!!! You are back from your trip

  • @willoww yeah I guess I just needed some time away from my life I enjoyed the trip it let me unwind a lil

  • @boots22 oh heh I just realized that I accidentally placed you twice on the list
    Fixed it

  • @rabbitboy lmao its good man I was just joking. But seriously if you need anything I'm here man.

  • @boots22 I know you all are and well... this is someway I’m saying thanks to you all