• Yeah,I know you may be really tired thinking of how to impress that hottie whom you've had a crush on since months,or years probably.But they just don't seem to notice you. So here's what you should do:

    • Be confident
      You may feel really shy or nervous around them but just face it.You have to show that you are confident about yourself and who you actually are.
    • Be yourself
      You may want to just fake it up to make it look like you're the best for them,but no.You will just drive them away by doing this.Just show who you are in reality.They will be impressed by this.
    • Smile
      The best way to gravitate people is to look sociable.If they think you are not one of the grumpy ones in school,they may just think you're worth it.
    • Ask for help
      You may ask for help from them so that they know you are interested in learning. In return you may offer to help.They might like it and ask for help.
    • Make your attraction more apparent
      After all this,when the ice breaks between the both of you,you may want to just tell them how cute they are.But do this only if you think the time is right.
    • Win them over with flirting
      Just like the previous point,you may just wanna flirt or ask them out sometimes.
      So after all this,who knows they may have started to like you and have developed the same feelings for you as well.

  • Hii plz send annude pic

  • @vedant_23 GRINCH,just bcuz i gave u love advice doesn't mean i'll do what you tell me.