• So this is my version of the drunken hello. So that night I had already been to like 3 or 4 other bars with my friends, and I had snuck away from them when they were at a different bar. And when I had walked into that county line bar I never would have expected to see what I saw. I walked in the bar and immediately I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life, just up there dancing her heart out all alone. So I walk up to the bartender and ask him what her drink was that night, and he said "A little bit of everything." So I asked for the last thing she had and he gave me to shots of straight whiskey. So I walk up to her and I say, "Hi, how's it going?" Before she says a thing she grabbed both shots of whiskey and drank them both. Me standing pretty intimidated, took the shot glasses and set them on a table. And she said "Hi it's going fine." And suddenly the next thing I knew is she suddenly grabbed my hand and said "Come here boy I wanna dance...." And so me not knowing how to dance just followed her the whole time. Spinning her in circles on that dance floor, man it was like holding a little piece of heaven in my arms, and realizing we had already danced the night away they had started to shut down the bar. So I asked if she wanted me to drive her home. She nodded and so we left. As soon as we had gotten outside she had started regretting drinking so much. So I decided to do what any gentleman would do and I held her hair back for her. Once she had finished I helped her to my car. She started giving me directions to her house and we were off. She had to open the window a few times to throw up, and it was all over the side of my truck, but I didn't care. By the time we had gotten to her house she was so drunk she honestly couldnt even say a word that meant any sense. So I helped her to her door and she asked me if I wanted go stay the night, and me I couldnt resist an offer like that so I walked back up to her door, and she immediately passed out and I caught her. So I opened the door and carried her to her bed and layed her on her bed, and I went and fell asleep on the couch.... And Abby pretty much covered everything else that had happened so. But they have only been together a week, but everyone that sees them thinks they have been together for years. My first attempt at actually writing so tell me what you think.

  • @boots22 Love is in the air (and the alcohol too)

  • @dude-lebowski haha yeah! Pretty much!

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    Amazing my handsome king!!! You should keep writing!😍😱😱🤗

  • @abby-83 ha, I'm not that good. And this is basically all I've got.

  • tws gay club but no homo Freedom Writers

    @boots22 well it was amazing🤗 I enjoyed reading it!

  • @abby-83 well good I'm glad.

  • Music Lovers

    @boots22 As I always say , you both are made for each other 😊😊💓💓

  • @cutie-cat aww thanks!

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