• I did not know you and you did not know me. It all started one night at a bar where I was dancing all my thoughts away. I had went to forget the memories of the past and look to the future, but little did I know that I was going to get piss ass drunk. After drinking for a while I realized it was a stupid idea to be here and I decide only one more dance and I would go home. That's when you walked in. I did not see you walk in or buy those drinks but you came beside me and said hello and I did not believe you were real so I took the shot.
    After a good few seconds of realizing that you were actually real I drunkenly said hello. You smiled and went to start a conversation when I stoped you when I heard a beautiful sound. My favorite song came on and I sang with the lyrics, "Come here boy, I wanna dance..." I grabbed your hand and we began to dance across the room. As we were dancing I did not want to comprehend that I met such an amazing guy such as yourself, so I tried to keep conversation going. After all if it was a dream, I wanted it to last. After learning more about each other while dancing we noticed everyone had left. We decided to make out way to the exit when I begin to fall against the door and puke flies everywhere. All I can think is, " Well I'm gunna scare off this new Prince Charming of mine..." that's when I felt his hands grab my hair and he gently rubbed my back. He was actually helping me. I was shook. I could not believe that any of this was actually happening.
    After I finish with my consequences of drinking he takes me to his truck and offers me a ride home. Knowing I was in no condition to drive I accepted, also knowing that if he wanted to harm me he had plenty of opportunities before but he did not take them. As we slowly make our way back to my house, me giving directions and also puking out the window now and again, I begin to realize that I would never have such an eventful dream and I try to remain calm. When we make it to my house he comes around the truck and opens the door, as any gentleman would, and helps me out. We make it to my front door and he says, "Well it's been an amazing night Abby! I hope we can have fun again another time! I'll head home now it's getting late." I think for a few minutes as he begins to walk away and I stop him. "Would you like to stay here for the night I mean I have a pretty comfy couch, and you have been so kind I can at least offer.." I say as he smiles back at me and chuckles nodding in agreement. "Only if you are okay with it." He states with such a calm voice and he helps me into my home.
    ~~ Time Skip~~
    I wake up to feeling like I got punched in the stomach and the wirld spinning. I run to the bathroom and throw up, not remembering anything that happened the night before. After I finish I go to the sink and wash my face and fix my hair and say to my self a bit annoyed, "Way to go Abby..." I dry my face and walk out the bathroom into the living room only to find a strange man laying on my couch. So...? I do what any responsible, grown female would do. I start screaming and throwing things at him. He stands up shook from my reaction and tries to explain the situation. Before he could finish, I had already punched him smack in his mouth and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. I kick him out the house.
    He comes back later that day with a swollen lip and knockes on my door. I open a little amused at the big bulge he calls a lip on his face. He apologized for the inconvenience this morning and asked me kindly if he could explain the situation last night. I, feeling sorry because he was so kind with his wording even though you punched him, allowed him into my house to sit on the same couch and he explained everything to me. At first I didn't believe it, but then he started to explain some things about me that no stranger would ever just randomly know and I decided to believe him and offer to help him nurse his wounds.
    The cute couple are still together to this day...

    *thank Boots for giving me this idea* 😂😂

  • Anytime Abbs! But you forgot the part when you threw up on the door of my truck and I had to open the door thru your puke cause it was all over the side.

  • And I'm glad I was your motivation, and if you need more just ask.

  • @boots22 😂 Alright boots🖤

  • @abby-83 @BOOTS22 Y'all are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  • @us-poet thanks!!