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  • Music Lovers

    @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ most of the time, its genuinely easy to tell. The easiest way is to just cross google their images. Err one can do it. If those are fake, then ba boom, catfish.
    I think that it is not necessarily a “problem” yet. Because tbh, i fail to see what problems they are causing . But yes, there are a lot of catfishes here.
    If we can just be smart enough like @US-poet kinda said (not positive, having hard time remembering), and look for basic signs, then you can tell they are. For example, if their picture checks out, then you request a few more pictures, if those look similar to the original, then I think you are good to go. But if they look different, ya gotta cross google em. Also, one other easy way to tell is if they wont send pics while you are dating/ no video call.
    Now i get it, not err one wants their pics out on the internet. But it should be done while together

  • Freedom Writers

    @willoww my main problem is if they are using it to lie and manipulate, but if it's just someone having fun I don't see a huge problem with it.

  • Well you all know I’m not catfishing yep.... that’s my real pic on my profile exactly how I look with ears like that



    If you haven’t caught on to the sarcasm buddy I have bad news for you

  • Music Lovers

    @us-poet i think that most are harmlessly horny and just want to get ofd, like you said. The problem comes in when yeah, they start saying they are looking for a serious thing and fucking with peoples feelings

  • @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ the guy who made this topic, have almost 70 fake accounts. he even doesn't know stealing pics of other people and applying in your accounts, is a crime.

  • Veteran Mods One Woman Army

    @ᑕᖇIᗰᔕ-ᑎ Cant reply to this cos you're a deadass now. Adios!

  • Freedom Writers

    @ᑕᖇiᗰᔕ-ᑎ it's only a problem, if they suck at it.

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