• I would like to know everyone's perspective on this...
    For me I am an extremely romantic person inside... But I do give importance for being lustful for your patner... For me they are not two separate things... And lust is very much a part of love...

  • While I agree with you for the most part love and lust are two separate things.
    I can lust someone that I do not love, and at times I cannot lust after the one that I love.
    I will always want love more than lust. However at certain times such as now I am craving lust. If love happens to fall through the door great but if it doesn't good ol animalistic lust will suffice just fine at the moment. Not in the long run however it will satisfy a basic need

  • I prefer lust, love can be replaced by acceptence, wtf do I replace lust with?

  • Love isn't always good, lust isn't always bad. It's about to give and to get. Mix them, then we'll have a happy and healthy relationship.... with one person of course!

  • why does matter, if with someone then be with them? Don’t overthink shit

  • @sanju-M-28 lust, desire, love,feelings,, all are sensation comes and go away question is r u aware of it ?? .. so temporary for a perticular moment all okie , ask you self can you hold the sensation as you labeled as ,lust , love, feeling add one more sensation desire ..
    Could be this way also on the name of love , is lust or in the name of lust , is love .. end of the day it's a story of a dick connecting pussy or vice versa, Also possibilities cannot be denied I guess ??

  • Definitely lust!

  • Have lust for what you love
    How does that sound 😂
    PS- You're doomed if you love your pets 😂 or your granny or some sandwich 😂😂