• Before I met my wife, I was really down. I’ve experienced a lot of rejections from all the girls I’ve dated. I didn’t know if I was bad at courting them. As far as I remember, I gave my all, my time, my energy, my money… but still, I ended up failing. I was jealous of how my friends are in a stable and happy relationship. It makes me wonder what they did to achieve that kind of happiness... have I done everything I can? I guess, I didn’t. It’s really true that “Almost is never enough”.

    After my drama over my failure in dating, I decided to try matchmaking services of a reputable site. They told me to look on some of the profiles of women beyond my country. I viewed on some photos of Latinas, Asians, Europeans, and Russians. I was really stunned with the women. They are all gorgeous and beautiful. Never in my life did I see a lot of beautiful women who are hopeful in finding their man. Looking for true love.

    After thorough scanning of the site’s interface and viewing of the women’s profile, I registered to the site and decided to a Singles Tour for Ukraine. There, I met my wife Olga. She is stunning and kind. I was mesmerized by how she carried herself and I fell for her completely, the rest is history.

    Together we built a home full of joy and happiness. We are also blessed with having 2 kids. We created a happy family. Growing old with her would be a journey of a lifetime.

    What about your marriage life? Did you experience what I’d experienced before? Feel free to comment and let’s talk about it.

  • sadly... I'm not married yet.
    but~! you have a nice story going for you... I can't help but empathize and be in awe.

    everybody goes through with problems and love issues aren't something uncommon, most of the time, the cause for depression is love. glad to know that despite everything, you found what you've been looking for.

    I wish I can find one for me too... :'c but what exactly is this singles tour thing? is that a sort of a travel package to ukraine? also... I wish there's a site like that for women to... :/

  • This is so inspiring. It's really true that after the pain, comes happiness, so I guess your wife must be your happiness. Kudos to you man! I hope I get to meet someone from that matchmaking thingy also. Congrats dude! Best of luck!

  • @huntrey In the sense of being so unfortunate in love and relationship, dude we are the same. Good for you now that you finally found someone. Maybe I should try that one too hmmmm ...

  • Seems like we are somehow alike. My past relationships were rough too but now, just like you, I also found someone who truly appreciates and loves me genuinely. I did not meet him thru matchmaking services though but I met him on a certain dating site. We are married yet but we are certainly looking forward to it. :')

  • @huntrey You're one lucky guy for finding the love of your life. You just proved that no matter how hard you've been through in your relationships, there's always hope in the end as long as you keep believing in love. Good things really happened to those who wait. Congratulations!

  • @marziaaa I wish you can find someone just for you.

  • @mr-rightguy thank you and i am hoping you can find the right one for you.

  • @xkeziahx25 you should. maybe in that way you could find that someone just for you.

  • @huntrey Yeah I guess I would consider that idea.

  • @huntrey said in Growing old with her.:

    @marziaaa I wish you can find someone just for you.

    I wish for that everyday. LOL