• We're all at risk for that in the future. Think of all the bitter old people who feel trapped in their breaking bodies mentally and physically alone. Think of old people in nursing homes because they're disabled after a hip fracture and no one in the family even cares to visit them. Theres a high depression rate for the elderly in America. 1 in 10 elder people are also reported to deal with elder abuse and that's just the reported instances according to the CDC. Theres a lot that go on with this demographic.

    We feel young now and we have strength to do what we have to do. Help an elder today. I swear if you talk to one, theyll talk for hours. Why? Because no one calls them. Even a small hi might make someone's day.

    Has anyone ever thought of how they'd be like when they're old? What are your thoughts?

  • @Littlelion12 Rocking on the stage till i die or at least i know i do music because my fear as a child was to be forgotton.. and now everyone will rememeber me as for my music makes me also think on my life when i am old (i am old but not a grandpa now) ~~ and i think on the end i can sit and settle down with no regrets and when i die i can finaly smile in happiness.

  • age is a mindset. there is a commercial out right now. they have a man skateboarding. HE IS 62

  • @mikeJB I saw the video of Tony Hawk skating with his daughter not sure how old he is now but yeah I agree. Whatever happens when we age depends on us how we take care of ourselves and others etc.

    Over 60 is impressive btw!

  • @Littlelion12
    I understand. I'm going through PTSD and being one of the old and frail at 50. 13 IED attacks, shot 4 times. VA has not one single clue what's wrong. I'm just getting old. Didn't expect to see 30.

  • @Littlelion12 Yeah i know about that and i bet most of those people are bachelors,unmarried or divorced like there's a quote" a bachelor lives like a king and dies like a dog" because he has no spouse or children to care for them.For this i think marriage and having kids is necessary.So only due to this fear of getting alone and helpless in old age i will marry and have kids so i can teach my kids to look after me when i will become old. So marrying within 35 years of age i think it can solve those old age problems as it gives enough time to raise a kid who can take of that person in old age.

  • Wow, a real and honest answer. On a chat line.
    Never married. 28 years us government service. 10 active duty...Panama, Nicaragua, desert sheild/storm. Saudi Arabia, iraq, Afghanistan...
    I gave my life for our country so others would not have to. Now I live with consequences

  • @danelsitar I thank you for your services. I wouldn't have the privileges I have today if it weren't for brave people like you. I'm sorry for your situation though. I'm happy you are still alive.

    How does your day to day look like if you dont mind me asking?

  • @danelsitar You are truly amazing. I wish our heroes were more revered because of everyone who deserves to live their lives happily it's people like you. I dont take my freedom for granted. It came at a price. I also appreciate you sharing your thoughts

  • @Rajeev2021 This is why we have to value our family and relationships more. I agree. It makes sense why traditional families survive through the toughest times.

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