• Don't get me wrong: the IDEA was perfect. Fallen angel Lucifer ditches his wings to get a taste of the mortal world and becomes a hot, dominating, nightclub-owning, eloquently speaking, superbly dressed fuckboy.
    But then the plot? He's stuck solving boring crimes with boring characters - and the show goes down the drain. Any thoughts @Lucifer_ ?

  • I kind of enjoy the show right now.
    Its a relief from the Supernatural version of Lucifer or those horrible movies where they showed him as a stupid teenager falling in love with stupid another teenager stuck in a time loop.
    This version of Lucifer actually tries to show us that he has a side other than being a punisher or the bad guy or the daddy issue having cry baby.
    Yes they do fail to adapt it as good as Neil Gaiman did in Sandman or the stand alone comic Lucifer, but this it the one we have.

  • Not for me. I actually enjoy that TV show.

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