Request or Warning

  • From the first day since I joined this website, I am seeing lot of anti-indian people and content . I ignored a lot of things, but now this is enough. I can tolerate whatever anyone says to me but I don't like hatred comments on any country , community and gender. I can also say nonsense about anyone's country but I don't do that because I respect feeling of others regarding their respective countries. Today one stupid person @spoofer was spreading hatred but I don't want to say anything bad to his country because of that stupid. I informed about that to the @TalkWithStranger and @Global-Moderators but no one responded. Are moderators are only for solving their personal issues and banning whom they don't like. @TalkWithStranger your website's more than one third traffic are Indian , Atleast respect your users feeling and take proper steps.
    If I continue to see those hatred posts again and you will not take any proper step, then I will forced to report your website to Indian Cyber Shell. Then rest you knows what will they do because of its link to your country. So , please spread love not hatred.

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