• Freedom Writers

    I was enjoying myself,
    I wasn't looking for anybody,
    I didn't think there was any more sites for me to see,
    but then I met you,
    and that all changed.
    I told myself I would take it slow,
    that I wouldn't dive into love this time,
    but soon all I could think about is how to make you mine.
    You've made me better in ways I couldn't have imagined,
    our love grew stronger,
    and the longer,
    we were together,
    the more I knew there was no other.
    Our partnership had a true friendship behind it,
    and there was no stopping,
    we were on a train to wonder,
    and we could always cover,
    each other in the blanket of ecstasy.
    This euphoric exploration,
    continued to cause me jubilation,
    as we couldn't see past the now,
    and how we'd be able to plow,
    through every obstacle that got in the way.
    The you and the me,
    ceased to be,
    as we had become one entity.
    Our bond reached our very soul,
    affecting the mind,
    and covering the spaces in between,
    to make my psyche,
    as complete as can be.
    If I could dream,
    of the perfect being,
    I'd always come up short,
    because I'd never imagine,
    that you existed,
    and now that we're together,
    forever I will feel as if I'm on top of this heavenly body of wonder.

  • @us-poet Nice piece! 😁

  • Wahh😮😮😮😮..amazingly conveyed..😊😊 thanks for sharing.

  • Freedom Writers

    @saine123 thank you so much for saying that. I appreciate all feedback.

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