The love of the Bug

  • Freedom Writers

    He's my everything,
    he makes my heart sing.
    For him I'd crawl through hell,
    to make sure he didn't dwell,
    another moment alone in this world.
    If I had to give him everything it still wouldn't be enough,
    when I hear he'll be near it's like my heart is overstuffed.
    It's full,
    and bursting,
    and breaking at the seams,
    I'm just so happy that I never want to wake from this dream.
    He's taken my entirety of everything in me,
    he can make my heart stop all together,
    my eyes water from the tethers,
    he's tied to my soul.
    His smile alone can take my breath away,
    and I know that some day,
    we're going to have that happy ending I've always fantasized,
    because he's the only one that will ever be in my eyes.

  • Another great work by @us-poet ! Good job ! 😁

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