• Me, my fiance, and my friend are looking to move ideally within the next few months. But I added up all the things I'm looking to buy for the apartment (furniture, toiletries, utensils, plates, etc) and an idea that I want us to have a 6 month rent cushion incase we can't find anything right away and I estimate that it'll take 21 months to get there at my current savings plan. 3.5x longer than I am looking at. Anyone have any suggestions to raise money.

    Before you say:
    I have a job, I might have 2
    I can't drive for uber/lyft because my car isn't up to their standards
    I've tried signing up for websites for pet/baby sitting but because I don't have professional experience I don't get replies
    I am looking on adult sites but I'm not conventionally attractive so I need to figure out how to market my friendly personality for it
    I have an Etsy shop, but need sales

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