• A few weeks from now, we’ll be welcoming a new member in the family. My husband and I are very excited for our very first grandchild. We are expecting a baby boy! My son and his wife are surely anticipating for this baby, they have been very keen with the proper things to do while waiting for the little angel, even watching testimonials in marriage tours which features a lot of married couples also expecting for their babies! Now, I’m planning to arrange a baby shower. What should be the best theme?

  • @excitedmom30 i do really want to have a second child. i love babies, if the baby is boy i think the best theme is safari. anyways it's up to you if what you really want.

  • @excitedmom30 Having a baby in the family is a very big blessing. I'm also looking forward to settle down and have a baby on my own. I'm also thinking, if someday my wife would get pregnant , I would arrange a spa theme baby shower because I want her to feel pampered and relax while carrying our baby.

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