• Hello internet’ers, so out of curiosity I wish to ask your help. 😇
    I have a date this weekend and I am having a hard time deciding where to take her. So who better to ask then the net.🙃

    Say you where me. And this is the scenario, you go to a local library cafe to drink tea and read a bit of the classic’s. This beautiful women who you have never spoken to but see often, takes a seat in the lounge char next to you and starts conversation. 🧐We talk about literature, life, and sports, then (cuz it’s 2019) she asks you out.

    To describe her: She is taller then me by about 3in, Japanese/Latina, loves reading😱, and volleyball.20years old🤯

    I am Latino, a bit introverted, enjoy running track, and competitive swimming. 18 years old👽
    😓never been on a date

    Can you PLEASE help me out?

  • Soul Searchers

    Dress nice and appropriate for whatever you have planned.
    Be yourself.
    Be polite and respectful not only to her, but to everyone.
    Be attentive.
    Actually care about what she says and pay attention.
    Don't make assumptions but try to communicate and find out what she wants.
    Odds are that she was open enough to ask you out she will be open enough to let you know what she expects.
    Have a great time and enjoy yourselves.

  • Hmmmmm🥂

  • @wet-teri Thank you so much for your advice WT. I will take it to heart. 😇hopefully it will go well.

  • Soul Searchers

    @NoroTorVerse You just have to be yourself, man! Getting a date is awesome, now is your chance to show her that you're worth it 😁

  • Thank man I hop so lol 😂 any more tips

  • @NoroTorVerse tips save the world 🌎

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