• Ironically enough, that’s a thing. There are a number of “hot girls” who through trauma and tragedy in their lives have self esteem issues which causes them to rebel against their parents and be attracted to “bad boys”. Now, bear in mind that it is a clear minority of women with “daddy issues” that may respond favorably to that approach, but chances are you are simply going to piss off a lot of beautiful women and get a reputation for being a jerk.
    The girls that are perfect 10’s didn’t accidentally become beautiful. Here is what they are doing daily to maintain the way they look.

    Wake up early and spend an hour and a half to do their make up and hair.

    Pay hundreds of dollars to buy the best beauty products available on the market.

    Spend thousands of dollars on the latest clothing trends.

    Change their clothes 3 times before asking their girlfriend if the outfit they selected matches, only to go back to change 3 more times before leaving the house.

    Orders salads every time they go out to eat and pretend like they aren’t hungry when really all they want to do is indulge in birthday cake.

    Every time they look in the mirror they say something out loud that is negative about themselves with hopes that someone around them will give them a compliment about their looks.

    People that spend this much time focusing on beauty are much more sensitive about themselves. On a cognitive level they know that they are in the top 1% of the world in beauty but they can’t escape their own self defeating demons that are constantly looming in the back of their head. These demons taunt them about how they aren’t quite skinny enough or not quite tall enough, or perhaps about how her hips are too large.

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  • Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love.

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  • dammmm you write! but thats some hard truth right there.
    well in manny ways I like to think :
    beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins.
    (look at me being all smart)

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  • To address what you were sayin' about girls extremely involved in their looks, its just that they're too involved with their body. Their body is just something that'll perish over the year, only a suit really. A vehicle for the soul if you want to see it like that.