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    Feel free to share whatever youve learned in life up to now.

    I learned get rich quick schemes never work out
    Hard work always pays off
    Dont chase love just be open to falling into it
    Try as much as you can while your young
    Travel even if its just a couple hours away its good for u
    Dont be afraid to do things that scare u
    Dont run from the police unless ur really fast then "Run Forrest Run!"
    Always treat ur family good
    Dont lie to yourself always be honest with yourself

    Hope I helped atleast 1 person learn something lol

  • Having the privilege to live for nearly 28 yrs on this floating rock and witnessing a variety of emotions in my field of work, I would be very happy to share the things I've learned....

    I've learned not to rush in making a decision.
    To always take a step back and look at things in a different perspective.
    Asking someone else's opinion with more life experience can be useful but it all boils down to your own.

    I've learned not to disclose the deepest and darkest secrets to my closest friends no matter how I've chosen these said friends.
    Why? Because when shit hits the fan,
    The information you released will be used against you.

    I've learned that blood is NOT thicker than water.

    I've learned not to let a "religious book" dictate how I live. We all have a brain, Let's use it instead.

    I've learned that as you get older, the more insusceptible you are to emotions.
    Bye bye vulnerabilities.

    Travel while you still can. Learn the beauty of other cultures.
    Meet new people.
    Get out of your comfort zone.
    Challenge yourself.

    *These things are according to my mindset which is more on the logical side.
    Everyone is different, though.
    I'd like to hear yours.

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    @lasttrain94 said in [What have you learned in life up to this point?]

    Dont run from the police unless ur really fast then "Run Forrest Run!"
    run forest run
    Noted, especially nice to know since I’m heading out with my stripper friends soon.

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    @willoww dont run from police you say :O i wonder if you got busted ever :D

  • @jynextremist Only speaking from actual experiences, mate 😊

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    @jynextremist nope never got busted before

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    @zombiecat you seem so mature

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