If only I knew today earlier on yesterday

  • If only I knew what today will look like
    I would have done things differently
    If only I knew to help a street child yesterday
    Would make him a doctors to save lives instead
    I despised him yesterday and today he is now an armed robber who takes lives
    If only I knew to love yesterday would make the world a better place I would have loved but today my hate has begat hates
    If only I knew yesterday that pride goes before the downfall of a man I would have been so humble but today I have fallen hardly with shame
    If only I knew yesterday that no position on earth is permanent I would have used my position wisely but today I am reduced to nothing
    If only I know how to rewind the time to correct my today, yesterday. I would have because my tomorrow is almost approaching.
    Since I don't know tomorrow it is better I forget my yesterday make adjustments today to make tomorrow bigger brighter and better.
    If only I knew today earlier on yesterday..

    Yesterday is things we could have done differently to cause a change in our world
    Today is things you do differently that will affect tomorrow
    Tomorrow is what we don't know but it's pregnant and we do not know what it will give birth to. But we only know our plans and actions affects it alot.

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