What’s one thing that bothers you most about the world today?

  • It's when people use people and value things. Isn't it bothering? What else?

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    What bothers me most is that people are hung up on things that don't have any significance but care least about the things that matters. For instance we are more worried about what others will say or think of us if we do this rather than concentrating on how it feels within. On your death bed you will not find anyone around but yourself , blaming that if i had some courage at that point , life would have been totally different.

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    The infinity of human greed and envy. This is a source of the most problems in our world.

  • The one thing that bothers me most about the world today is just ...(sigh), ...(shakes head like hundred-year-old-man after seeing teenager eat live squirrel for bet)... it's just ...(stares beakly into thin air)... the human race is just... (evaporates into cloud of sheer despondency).

  • @cjko huge human population and less greenery

  • I wouldn't say it bothers me because what people decide to do with themselves in their own time is none of my concern as long as it doesn't affect me directly.

    But, rampant stupidity
    Eg. anti-vaxxers, religious fanaticism, non-binary/gender fluid people attempting to enforce their view of the world on others, male feminists.

    All this during a time when we have people collecting data from smashing particles into each other at the Large Hadron Collider, stem cell treatments showing increasingly positive results in treating various injuries, and Elon Musk being on the verge of comercialising trips to the moon.

    It's a stark contrast.

  • The oldest individual in our specie has the most powerful DNA. Why are they not our royalty?

  • @cjko

    When people complicate what's simple and sabotage their own happiness.

  • @Indrid-Cold Yeah... difficult to find the good bits. They're there, but.... ugh.

  • That there is a really good chance it's going to be here without us by the time the next century rolls around. It's quite upsetting to think of the children we are creating to suffer.

  • The futility of it all

  • @cjko
    Two words : Fruit abuse 😡

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    @cjko I don't see that greed have any positive sides. Envy could. Only if it will be a motivation to improve yourself, as I describe above.

    Greed - is a destructive thing. Without an ability to share, humans lost themselves.

    And yes balance is important in everything. Without a stretch strings won't play any music, and if the stretch will be too hard, the strings will burst. An ancient parable 🙂

  • @cjko short answer: People
    in specific, its everything that makes people people. All the materials we worships and morals that we've determined. What bothers me the most is that I want so badly to change humanity and steer it in a direction that could be beautiful but that is not possible and trying to explain my thoughts or ideas to anyone is pointless and I could go on and on about this topic in hopes that you or anyone who reads this understands me and what it is im trying to say but that will never happen. That causes me frustration and I get frustrated just knowing that im letting something so stupid get to me. Today, that bothers me the most.

  • @NicerThanAnthrax your thoughts wowed me. Thanks for sharing those. How will you lessen the incident of that situations you have given as examples then?

  • Just one thing?

  • @spacegirl said in What’s one thing that bothers you most about the world today?:

    The infinity of human greed and envy. This is a source of the most problems in our world.

    Greed and Envy, is the driving force of everyone to achieve more and better themselves.
    But when left unchecked, then and only then becomes a source to all the problems.
    Just like every other emotion.

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    @DIV I think, that main driving force - is survival instinct 🙂 Isn't it? Lol.
    Controlled greed and envy.. I can hardly imagine that.
    Of course we can say about the "light envy" and "dark envy".

    Light envy:
    Wow. He/she reached a success. I am so happy for him. I will try to work hard to reach a little part of his/her achievements, at least.

    Dark envy:
    Damn! Everything is being achieved for him/her so easily. Lucky bastard. Plague on him/her!

    Maybe these examples are caricature a bit. But in most times, when we speak about the envy, we are talking about the dark one.

    About greed.
    For example. You can work hard, or take a second job to earn some more money. Then you invest it in something (precious metals, stock, etc). Ten or twenty years passed, and your investments gives you stable income. Not large, but at least you can allow yourself to buy a new phone each two months, or make a good present for your mother, father, sister, child, wife, husband, granny, pet, etc.. Is it a greed? I think no.

    P. S.: Humans are funny creatures. Need to admit that - If I were the head of an oil refining company or the head of large IT-corp, then it is a 90% that this post would contain other thoughts. And that is sad 😞 Moreover, this post would never appeared. And this is fact.. Our nature is flexible and weak. And it is not easy to remain yourself. When temptations increase, stakes rise too.
    Hopefully, I am just a little girl that have being losted in space.

  • What bothers me most is that there is a bunch of powerful people in the west – and a lot of not so powerful people who scream very loudly and play right into their hands – who are trying to destroy the freedom and values our ancestors have left us. Of course all disguised as something good: tolerance, equality, fighting hate and so on...

  • @AuroraFan haha yeah, nice question.

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