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    So once upon a time four years ago on January 10th me and my grandma packed up and left Brasilia. We arrived in the US on January 11th, at two thirty in the morning. We found a house two doors down from a house full of strippers, and I went out to meet neighbors. I spoke very little English and many people closed doors on me. But the house of strippers welcome me in. They knew what it was like to be an outcast.
    This is where I met @vivianana , the coolest bitch in the galaxy. And so, today marks our four year best frienaversary.
    Now it’s your turn, doesn’t have to be someone on here, I just love to hear a good story. So tell me. How long have you been friends with said person? How did you meet? What’re there names? I want detailsss peopleee

  • My turn... I met my best friends when I was in grade 9. I dont know how we got close... tries to remember ohmoooogooood... I can't remember wait... What are we talking about again... OH yeah... How I met my bestest friends... So... They are Shane and Lovely...both girls... My only girls in life inserts mom and sis... Shane is the forgettable... Lovely is the smart one... And I am the dumb... Pfft

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    i remember mine, it was in high school. Me and a friend of mine were teasing a boy, like calling him some names. Mostly he would ignore us. Then we participated together in a school event and gradually we became friends. He is the only guy i have been in friends for this long. I mean he is in med school and i am doing my masters here but we still talk often. Our personalities are so similar.

  • @willoww I moved to a new state with only a few weeks left of the 7th grade and my mom made me go to school for those few weeks. My very first day I heard these guys teasing a kid about his speech impediment and I stood up for him and got in a fight. I didn’t care I was the new kid I wasn’t going to watch him get bullied. We have been best friends since for 16 years now. I was the best man in his wedding and he was the best man in mine. My family accepts him as family and his family accepts me as family.

  • I don't have a "best friend"... At least I don't commonly use that terminology.
    We're more so "brothers" now.

  • I met my first best friend on this site about six months ago on the random chat her name's @isabella I met another one of my best friends 2 months ago also on the site she's @Willoww another one about a month and a half ago she doesn't come here anymore but she's my gf now and I couldn't be happier about it and a couple more I don't remember the username's of.

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    @a-p meeeeee? :))

  • I met this bish when i was in grade 7
    we used to walk home together.. (since we lived in the same sector)
    years passed ...we got close
    together in school
    together in high school
    together in university..
    still counting...
    she's actually a sis now...

  • We met at tryouts for table tennis, we had BAD blood between us and I forgot the reason why. But after sometimes we realized we had the same enemy and we hit it off afterwards

  • i met my best friend on here actually. she is from Iran. she taught me kind, wonderful souls still exist. one that places God high and love for goodness as a priority. but i pray for her now since i beleive she has succumbed to the Virus since i have not heard from her for 2 weeks and she has lost family from it. i have already cried for her. my tears are spent up and now i am trying to forget her because it hurts so much not knowing

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