• I was really close to a male friend (let's call him "Harry") for 3 years in college. We would talk about the most silly things and I just loved how chill our friendship was. I already had a boyfriend when I meet him and I still do, so no other feelings towards Harry than friendship.

    Well, last year we added a new girl friend ("Karen") to our little group. I really liked her at first. After awhile Harry and Karen started to date. A few months later I started to feel that I didn't want to be friends with her because all she did was asking me to give her a ride in my car or asking for notes from the lectures. So I just stopped talking to her. Skipping the details, Harry stopped having lunch with me, study, coffee, nothing. When we would see each other he would talk to me like he always did, but that was it.

    One day we did talk in the morning, and that same day at night I just received this message "Are you there? I'll call you and please agree with everything that I say, I just have to say some shit for Karen". Then he called and it was the most ridiculous thing, it looked like he was breaking up with me. I cried so fucking much, I couldn't handle. The next day I ignored him and he went to find me and told me I was special and bla bla bla.

    Skipping a lot toward to this day... He barely talks to me. I'm always alone, I'm always crying and he doesn't even care about me, and it hurts so fucking much seeing him every damn day and not talk to him, and tell him what I'm feeling. The only contact we have is when he looks at me and does a sorry face, I don't even understand. Sorry for the long text, I just can't sleep and I'm crying again like the stupid ass I am.

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