• bro last week of 2 my bestie dead now💀💀 one died from Corona 🦠my super close bestie kill her self😵 cus fake people tox ic people im sad asf 😭💀yo plus got cheat on💔 april 4th well she fuck her ex and got prengant now she 16 year old teen mom well we talk for 5 months to get know each other but dated 2 days cus she FUCKing CHEATER sad.JPG strikethrough text

  • @tyler_ro2 Everything will be good after sometime....🙏

  • LurkersForLife

    @tyler_ro2 Omfg I'm so srry. Fuck those bullies tho and don't listen to a shit they say. Omfg tho I feel so bad. And fuck ur ex too, sneaky lil cheater gettin in ur head then leavin u, tho I do feel bad she a teen mom now. And omg pls another guy wanted to kill himself, so again imma go all speechy, but like pls read it. Srsly don't, like I been thinking abt doin for other shit, so if I'm not doin it, I'm def not gonna let u do it fyi. Like ik u lost ur bffs and gf, and just in that moment, it feels like u lossed everything u ever known. But u still have ur family and ur friends (even tho they might not be as close as the others). Don't give up now, u have so much left of life to explore, don't waste it now. Pls stay alive, and well everyone says it "it will get better with time," and who knows, it might ig. Just try pls, pls try to hold yourselve together and stay alive, not just for u, but for the ppl who love u.

  • @tyler_ro2 i’m so sorry!

  • @Bethany-jade thx its just life

  • Hi sweetie I hope your doing ok

  • @Ammyyyy THX

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