What are the biggest problems that our current generation have today?

  • What are the biggest problems in society that young people have to face and what are the possible solutions to resolve it?

  • I'd say it's the lack of education, most of us young ones are not properly educated and have to find out everything on our own and the hard way too. Some never get it and sadly that's the majority of people and only end up getting how things work on very late ages like 30 or 40. We are not taught the basic aspects of the world at a young age and we end up growing and everyone'd not bother teaching them to you because you're already big. Another thing would be corruption, corruption is everywhere and it's hard to deal with it and accept it, and back to my first issue the lack of education only makes it worse. I never had a single lesson of sex education, not from my parents not from my school, and even if i'd have had any it would have been a bad lesson, I never was taught to stand up and speak for myself, instead they told me to do the other way around, to shut up and do nothing about it etc etc there's plenty of examples

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    Id say a complete disconnect from emotions. As each generation comes up they are more desensitized and less empethatic then the last. We dont have the capability to care for one another its seems like its going to be impossible eventually

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