poetry by Mysti when you battle with depression write it out.

  • If when you wake up in the morning the hurt is so great. And you dont want to get out of bed. To face the world of hate.
    If everything in life goes wrong and nothin you do seems right.
    Try a little harder. You shall see the light.
    For every person who has put you down and filled your life with pain.
    You must strive to achieve greatness. and show them you can win.
    For every disappointment for the times you are let down. i will be there.
    There will be better moments and your life shall turn around.
    Everyone every where feels heart ache, everyone feels pain.
    Your not alone.
    Only those who have faith will have the courage to get up and Try again.

  • @mpannkuk2009 so deep and beautiful!

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