• Flow it like Bob marley dont worry be happy.This a little song i wrote about ocean of emotion tryna stay afloat/but no hurry keep tracking/waves of heys and then evaporate to good byes they seperate but ill stay in your life/I pray for you and a certain few that i choose to keep in view that arent new and knew what i been through who stay true and proved were all a family a group grew up and still stand with me/i wont trip safety flip i wont worry im in no hurry its the journey not the point of interest or bigger threats try to stay bright because your silouette feels affects shadow of sin battles within dont forget that you matter to him/the pattern of saturns rim reminds my mind of the designs in your eyes the lines that i write the climb to the sky only to tell the people that fell to wish me well so i can yell when i die instead of the cry

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