• have faith that's all I ever needed/i feel safe then madness is repeated/I cant hate im glad that you can read it/these words stain when the ink isn't bleeding/Your pain came from the Garden of Eden play the blame game even though you been cheating/cheap shots at goals in life ripped off then held it tight/like a poem that you really liked/well I wrote them just for a mic/til they steal them then we all sound alike/except for my battle cry I rather die than live in a satellite my words are famous til they heard what my name is/watch your language and who your pointing at I say Amen they start aiming where's the anointing at?follow in his steps but don't drown/sorrow isn't blessed with your head down how do you guess?

  • Narrcist on it's...
    weapon beholder may he
    kiss the stones of the bloody ashes
    across the casket it's a
    carcus on the ground from beelzebub
    may the parlors paint it
    waterfalls behind the river skulls
    drip sorrows more and more
    loath myself with bullets of that caliber heaven made in
    let my shadows speak of
    don't let the weak of
    speak the frozen tounges within the polyester fabric
    witch craft in
    Tie a noose on my neck then get the guillotine on
    My teeth consumes the nicotine in a
    patience of pressures
    complication myself
    see this hell
    alcoholism in my blood
    while I cry black tears
    I lost my friendship of someone with in
    numb numb numbness is what I am
    time ticks off my life span
    will I live up to 21 or is it overkill
    overdose over- use
    under my influence over the surface
    this surface of layers of my depression
    over sessions of my bruised arms
    frozen face frozen heart