2017: I am going to post whatever the hell I want.

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    I have a lot of opinions. And I have a lot of things I hold back. I’ve been so focused on pleasing everybody in my pm’s, building my reputation, and trying to keep everyone happy, that I forgot why I joined. Honestly. Tonight, I don’t give a shit.
    So here it goes, what was 2017 to me.
    Well as a few of you know, I’m from Brazil and I had to move here when I was 16. When I was 10 years old, my father passed away and I moved to Brazil with my alcoholic mom to live with my new stepdad. He was physically abusive in the beginning. When I was 14 years old I was raped by my stepdad, and he got me pregnant. My family quickly disowned me and I was in constant danger of my stepfather. I have a beautiful daughter, and she is five years old now. This year I’ve gotten so many comments about being a slut. But nobody knows me. Nobody knows my story. You don’t know about my scars, or my PTSD, you don’t know about any of it. So do me a favor, and don’t be so quick to judge people.
    Last month I got beat up. I got my ass kicked by a racist woman outside the grocery store. I was speaking on the phone in Spanish. To my cousin back in Brazil. The lady yelled at me that I need to speak English, that my stupid spic language doesn’t belong in America. When I continued to ignore her, she broke my phone. And I did not fight. I didn’t fight it and ended up with two cracked ribs and a black eye. And it’s sad. Because it’s making me realize, I don’t belong here. Not every person is going to be the same. We are all different colors, black, white, purple, blue, yellow, blah blah blah. So for the new year, just try to be in someone else’s shoes for once. Spread love and peace instead of hate and violence.
    I lost my grandma this year. It’s the circle of life, I’ve accepted it. Everyone has experienced loss at one point or another. But I’ve learned that you never know what you are going to miss, until it is gone. When you hit absolutely rock bottom, and you are completely alone and feel trapped, you remember what you used to have. So for this new year, tell your closes mates thank you, kiss your lover, hug your family. Spend as much time together while you still have the chance, you’ll never know when they are gone.
    I know this isn’t my typical post, I know the wording is strange in some places, and I know it isn’t the happiest thing in the world, but i need to remind myself and anyone else who cared to read this. that life is going to get hard, but it only has something for us to learn.
    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. And happy new year in case I’m not on to say it.
    Bye lovelies 🙂

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    i am somewhat crying after reading this, come on here give me a hug, you are free and brave spirit and dont let anything like that let you that

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    Honestly willow your such and inspirational person and thanks for last nighttt ❤

  • @willoww Ohhh Willow... That's such an emotional nd soo much pain story... U r really brave... Nd I Wish to gof however ur past maybe hut ur future should be 10 times better than that worse... Alll The Veryy Best for Futures... Salute U 😊😊😊 Nd yeahh Merrt Christmas nd a great year for u forward 😊😊😊

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    @sup I see your private message. ‘‘Twas never my intention to make you cry. 🙂

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    @black_beetle I thought I was special 😭😭😭

  • FUCK.you made me cry

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    @leo_sihra 😁😁😁

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    @leo_sihra hug

  • @willoww i have read your post 3 times,this has made me cry,it is the best lesson i hve learnt on this site.i don't have words to say,you are a brave girl,stay strong,god bless u

  • @willoww Tu madre es mexicana y acabo en brazil? Wow, eso esta interesante. Soy de US, pero hablo espanol. Haha Y si suena como que tu espanol esta un poco quebrado.

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    @user_name1 yo comprendo. La zona en la que vive, las Personas hablaron en portugues. Pero, Hablo espanol porque mi madre es mexicana. Mi padre hablo ingles. Mi stepfather habla Portugues. Es loco 😂😂.
    It’s been a long time since I have spoken pure Spanish. De donde eres?

  • @willoww Una pregunta, en Brazil hay zonas en donde el espanol es prominente, (a comparacion del portugues) ? Una disculpa por la falta de ortografia, el spellchecker no corrige en espanol (dieresis, acentos, etc).

  • @willoww I know how it is to be quiet and let everyone walk on you, and this is how I became outspoken, blunt, and carry a no-care attitude unless it's needed. It takes a certain point in your life to make you who you're meant to be, and there are people who will come and go in your life that pushes you to that point. The unneeded stress that comes with giving a shit what others think is too much to carry; might as well be yourself and fuck those who turn their nose at you. The more you assert yourself in this world, the better off you will be. The stress melts away, and it leaves room for more dire problems that actually need tending to.
    Keep learning from me, and you will feel great. 😉

  • @willoww You got it. 😉

  • @willoww sharing is caring bish 😋
    Share the love and hugs 😁😁

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    @leo_sihra said in 2017: I am going to post whatever the hell I want.:

    @black_beetle i love hugs 😃

    The hugs for me bish, back off 😜

  • @willoww you rock 🙋

  • @black_beetle i love hugs 😃


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