Is it socially acceptable to give a girl the finger?

  • Is it socially acceptable to give a girl the finger? I’ve had girls give it me so I was curious

  • Perfectly acceptable. It's not like it's harassment or anything. Just a gesture

  • Are you pussy whipped, my nigga? Of course it is. What they do to you is what you should do to them. EQUALITY.

  • @rihanna AND ANIMALS!

    Don't you dare treat animals as inferiors. Chances are, if you finger 'em, you'll lose that finger.

  • Umm it depends i can say..some of them deserves it

  • I personally don't think it's socially acceptable to give anyone the finger if they're going to be offended..

    But hey, that doesn't stop it from being common.

    So technically, no.. but more so yes..?

  • it's obviously not acceptable to give anyone the finger no difference between boys and girls

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @charzard It is socially unacceptable to give anyone the finger but who gives a shit whats is or is not socially acceptable, make your own moral guidlines using some help from philosophy. I say if they give you the finger then give one back or go the extra step and give 2 back or go the XX step and give 2 middle fingers back whilst yelling "SUCK MY DICK YOU NORMIES"

  • @korglife17 haha yeahp of course thanks for reminding me! but seriously sometimes animals are superior to some people and occasionally
    people might need the finger more than an animal!

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