Can someone help me, give me advice with family problems?

  • So I'm 18 years old, i have a little sister and our parents decided to get divorced because my mom was cheating and my dad was abusive and drinked a lot. She left the house and my dad tried suicide. He was put in a mental hospital but because he was positive with covid they sent him home. I was taking care of him. The social workers asked me if i wanna leave(there is nothing i wanna do more) but my dad told me he'll com8t suicide again and will go to the news to talk about everything. Since we livw in a small town this is very scary to me because i dont want anyone to bully me. However, my dad found a gf and here is where it gets fucked up. Me and my sister caught them having sex like 5 times, even tho when we did the first time we were clear about them not doing it in the house(my sister is 10 years). Yesterday i was so mad i started choking him because i caught them having sex again where everyone can see them. My mom has a man as well so i cant sleep there. I cant go to my friends cuz i cant take my sister with me(my dad wont let me in a milion years). I have derealization as well and a lot of anxiety, and since this is my last year and i need to have good grades and the last exams are giving me stress. Idk what to do i feel so hopeless and kinda dont see what i can do.. that makes me wanna take my life sometimes, but i cant do that and leave my sister struguling alone

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    That's... that's so bad I'm so sorry.
    Okay look, I hope you know that you won't be forced to give an interview. And if you're under the protection of social workers then it's even better. You can never be sure when your father hits his limit and actually commits suicide.
    Don't take risks and contact the social worker. Ask for some protection and they'll definitely give it to you! That's their job.

    And I have anxiety as well. It's a horrible thing but spending time with your loved ones can help. If you still aren't convinced about leaving, then try to spend as much time as you can outside with your sister. Taking walks with her and stuff like that. Try to study in between that time. If you can, then lock yourself inside a room when you're studying (Preferably with your sister in there too) and don't come out until you're done. When you're not studying, listen to music, watch movies, read books. Anything that's enjoyable and takes your mind off things. Research on jobs so that it gives you somethinig to hope for.

    I know this isn't that helpful but you're strong, you'll get through this!