• @Dominant M 39 I give up.I waited and waited but I can't fight a losing battle against you.I guess you die ever care you told me lies like "I'll always be here for you" and made promises like that "that you'll never leave". You can blame others reasons but there are no excuses except you didn't think we were worth it and I waited day and night to even see you online or come back but I'm done waiting you gave up not me.All I can say is that I wish you the best and I really do think you should have children.I have to admit typing this is painful and letting the world know doesn't make it better but I'm desperate for you to see this and this way I'll always have a reminder of the pain which probably will stick with me forever. Goodbye 😔

  • awe sweetie I wanna give u a hug ik this is easy for me too say but after a storm there will always be sunshine

  • One Woman Army Banned

    Farewell my friend ! You have to let ppl go sometimes