Hi, if you ever read this message, you will understand that i give up today

  • Dear @Alliley

    If you ever be online once, i will tell you a story of a dumbest user who ever had a high hope because of another user in here. I was shattered till death when that person did something bad to me, terribly bad. I swear if TWS never created that Live Chat, i would not be here anymore. See? I granted your wishing things, to be friends with her and let all things go.

    I deeply missed you, that is something i wanna say after all. When you said you are not that beautiful, i disagree. You are beautiful even when you are mad in your period time, Alliley. Your character is the most beautiful one i ever had from all of my ex until now. You never cussed or curse me with bad words, i know that. You never asked me to be someone else. You already destroyed these pride, ego or even anger inside me. You showed me a new thing i never felt before with your companion, something that i never found even in reality, it is your tenderness and your patience.

    If you ring a bell about my first love in my real life, i gave her a ring in her birthday that i promise in 2008 when i was 14 years old but we are just good friends after all. She has a good husband now. Now, your turn, I promise you that even if you found another person irl, i would stay with you as a good friend of yours and let you smile the way you did to me. Thats my birthday wish this year. I hate to admit, it is not you who need me, it is me who need you.

    If i said i miss you, would you believe that? If i said i am a retard one who cant understand Spanish or Filipino, would you teach me that language again? You think i will stay coz of 'her' right? I will prove you, it is not that easy to stay without you. I leave TWS till i fully forget you. I gave up Alliley, it is been almost 3 months. I try my best to forget you but i failed again, when suddenly this phone played your video before my presentation of employee award in front of my leader today.

    P. S. I play your hello videos like thousands time now and keep wishing you are with me even if it is just friendship only.
    P. S. S. I really am sorry for my stupidity

  • @Nibba_Nibby aww nibby lemme hug u alt text

  • @Nibba_Nibby
    I feel for you and I know how you feel. I gave my heart to somebody on here feeling it even if the world practically came to an end if nothing else we would still be friends until we ceased to exist.
    I miss her and I cry still but she has no time in her life for me.
    Therefore I will continue to drown my sorrows the way I always have been drugs alcohol sleep deprivation and sexting with unknown strangers

  • @Nibba_Nibby I feel you, it sucks to lose a good friend. Take it easy man👍

  • @RottenChoco


  • @wet-teri
    "We accept the love we think we deserve" – Charlie Kelmeckis, The Perks of Being Wallflower.

    I understand. I will say nothing unless I know the situation. Thus, i will be silent and wish you will have a wonderful day without any judgement.

  • @NathanOnFire i will be alright man. thanks bruh.