this has become my rant place b/c nobody's ever gon see it anyway

  • ok but like he's not even that cute, and i could do way better...or that's what my friends say. but i can't even lie, he's got the nicest personality...not like a rude pervy dick that most guys are now. but he's just friendly, and i don't think he's into me, but i want him to. god, i want him to so fucking bad. i could like him a lot...if i let myself. but he's just so nice and he makes me laugh genuinely, and he's got like - pure intentions, not using girls for sex or that shit. and that's why i (in a stupid cliche) think he isn't like any other guy i've met.
    and the other side of me says he's just like all the other dipshits i've met - horny and abusive. or at least a liar. and i tell myself there's nothing special about him, and we could never be right together.
    but something about me just wishes he'd like me, that he'd really actually see me and notice me. i really wish i could know he was blushing, not just think i'm imagining it.
    and all my emotions got me thinking - fuck, i'm doing it again. i'm going to fuck up what could have been the best friendship literally ever. and it makes me angry that i even feel like this or think these things but fuck it. geez.
    at least i made him curse. which he never does.
    at least i make him smile sometimes.
    at least we talk a little

  • Saw it. But hey never chase a dude he will run lol

  • You sound like a kdrama's female lead lol and yea they usually end up with the male lead, who's the guy you mentioned 💀💀

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