• anyone else? after last march, i haven't been able to have a crush. i can't catch feelings.
    teens are painted as party animals. they drink, they go out every friday and saturday and kick it with their friends. they're in love 24/7, and they're super rebellious.
    then tell me why 11 at night is late, i go to work on Friday and Saturday nights, and i rarely drink. and i can't fall in love.
    does anybody else feel this way, or is it just me and my psychosis??

  • @rebelw-acause You probably haven't met the right person. Either you instantly fall in love or in time. You can gain emotions and love just spending time with that person.
    It also depends on the interactions you have

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    What @justB said. Mass Media (i.e, TV & movies/news) have very often portrayed the wrong way of a concept and then frame it as a concrete actualization of something. Remember buddy, "The description of something doesn't necessarily mean that's all it does." True, there are a couple of teens who may be alcoholics and rebellious wanderers. I know such teens among my own friend group. But tell you what? You're living better than them. They're drinking and wasting their life, while they can give some time to prioritise about making success. That's what you're doing. You go and work at late nights and that's a sign of your strength as a successful person. Do you think the "painted teens" have something to brag like they earned something by their own hard work? Nope they're just their parent's child. They're aren't manned up while you are!

    As for love, it's complicated. Either you really didn't find the right one, or perhaps you're an aromantic? Just laying out the possibilities. But hey, you sound like a decent and successful guy buddy. Don't let the society doubt your potential.💖✨

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