If you feel down and feel depressed pm me and I’ll help any way I can

  • Depression is not a joke and should be taken seriously, sometimes it helps to talk to someone and get stuff off your chest, I’m here to help you in any way I can

    Please don’t hold back, talk to someone

  • Have you ever thought to yourself alone at night in bed thinking "no one will love me, I'll die alone, I'm just a colossal failure, I'm a disappointment to my family, I will never be successful because I'm not as smart or talented as other people, I hate the way I am and I know I have problems but I have no motivation so I'll never change, no matter how much I distract myself my problems will never go away" Then cried yourself to sleep. Cause I have, now fix me

  • can you help me, i like a lesbian and i want to know if i should keep liking her. I am pretty depressed because she used to like me but never told me and i didnt tell her. One day i called her a hore and she stop talking to me. What should i do.