How lonely can you feel?

  • Soul Searchers

    Honestly, I have no idea..But I do have some experience in this topic, nonetheless and therefore, asking for inputs from anyone viewing this post 😄 Let's just see to what extent solitude can go before upsetting anybody!

  • One time, around 1999, I had this girlfriend, and she had some friends come to stay with her, who I couldn't stand, so I decided to go away for the weekend by myself to the seaside. And I felt crazily lonely. Really lonely in a way I couldn't have imagined beforehand. Like there was no one else in the whole universe, and no one else could even exist. I think about that weekend often. Very, very dark, but fascinating.

  • Soul Searchers

    Well I'm a Gemini so that helps there's two of me I never truly alone.
    I don't have any friends where I live.
    I'm an excellent musicians but I can't find anybody to make music with.
    can't pay people to come drink beer and eat food when you barbecue.
    I never lived in a place so full of hatred.
    I dearly miss my wife who died.
    So there is me myself and I.
    People do not leave me alone because of my knowledge.
    I'm an ASE certified master automotive technician. I fix their cars. I fix their houses their four-wheelers for lawn mowers motorcycles all their toys boats excetera so they bother me 24/7 365.
    I long for the peace and solitude of being alone. But I dearly miss the intimacy of sharing it with someone.
    I feel that part of my heart shriveling up and dying. I pray it does not take other pieces with it

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    @Johannes-Julians like ur the only person on the face of the earth

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