• I am with my actual bf for almost a year and we love each other a lot. But we live 30 km apart, I don't have a driving licence and he leaves work at 9 pm so I can't use the public transportation. We see each other once a week because I go to his city with a friend and hopefully the weekend also. Then if I don't go to him in the weekend we might at 90% not meet. He doesn't "move the world2 for staying with me and not seeing each other the weekend is fine for him. He says I am the most important person to him and he loves me a lot but I feel lonely all the time. I go out on the weekend without him and every person I know keep asking me where's he and I can't really reply. I cry every weekend, alone.
    Am I exaggerating things or he's really not tring his best to stay with me?
    Sometimes if he have a friend party he say he cannot hang out with me because he can't miss it (he has like 30 or more friends)

  • I understand your concern, and it is very hard to have a long distance relationship. If you do not feel that he is putting effort in your relationship, then I think that you should talk with him about it. Because if it really bothers you, then a talk would be nice. Maybe he will understand, and if not you should reconsider your relationship and how much he really values you. Words is nothing compared to actions...:) You have to communicate with him...

  • Thanks for your reply. I already have and he got really mad saying he's already doing anything for me... we made peace and had a real good time together. But after then it's keeping happening again and I can't help feeling sad and lonely all the time. I also don't want to fuss about it once again and ruin the peace we made.
    Sorry for bad grammar.

  • Ask yourself this question "is this relationship worth it", if not then you know what to do. He should not get mad at you, he should listen. He should be there for your like you are there for him. Do you feel like you are being valued? Do you feel like you are the only one trying to make this relationship work? Ask yourself these questions and you will know your answer.

    A relationship is not where one person makes the other person happy. It is about both people making each other happy. And if you cannot communicate with him, without him getting mad, then maybe you should reconsider your relationship with him.

  • @Sineemt you have so much knowledge about relationship have you also faced same thing previously.

  • how are i able to post as guess!??

  • @Shubham-Singh-0
    No I have not, but I have a lot friends that have been through something similar. I try my best to give advice and help people :)

  • here's my 2 cents. If you were married living under the same roof you will eventually want time to yourself. Its better to have other interests that you both are separate from. Guys go golfing with buddies, girls do girls night out or go shopping, get their nails done etc. Nothing cries insecure , smothering and needy as the ball and chain partner. Unless you just love being together all the time and some do exactly that. 20 something Guys notoriously will start weening off their ladies after the honey moon period. 9 -15 months. Gals tend to hold on to that HM period longer because they love their man and enjoy the love emotion flowing through their brains and body. Now fella's remember that your woman is a piece of art work or say a classic car that needs to be taken care of and loved. If you dont maintain it your gonna end up having costly repairs and sometimes they cant be repaired. I have loved and lost a few times but you learn the do's and dont's with relationships. I'm not a hater so I try and remember the good feelings you had when you 1st got together with that cool chick. Appreciate them, dont take them for granted relationships take some work to stay healthy when loving each other. Women will only put up with so much BS ! and when they say goodbye 9/10 times its done. On the flip side be a man and not a welcome mat. Some women can be real assholes too being user friendly to get their way manipulating and taking advantage of their partners. So girls and boys, share the love , kindness and appreciation when you do find the one that you know are a keeper.

  • this is good idea you should try @Sarah_____