• If you are reading this, thank you. I have decided to open up and share my experiences in the world of wavering mental health, symptoms, the interactions I have had with support services, and my life in general... And if my writings can eventually help just one person a little through a difficult time I will feel very privileged. I'm going to do a little bio here broken up into chunks. Here's a little background.

    I have been involved with psychiatric and psychological teams for many years. My experience is mixed. Over the course of around 15 years. I have received several opinions and diagnoses, but what seems to have stuck is bipolar affective disorder ans personality disorder traits. Sometimes I agree with this, but at other times I stubbornly disagree (and I don't think that I am alone there). In the mix have also been Osessive Compulsive Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Personaliy disorder, emotionally unstable personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and autism spectrum condition - which is a lot. I have been on a shit load of different meds at different points too, but the problems still keep returning...

  • Hello there, good sir. Starters, glad and proud of you as a fellow human to another, for being honest and meeting efforts to extend a green leaf with the help of your life experiences.

    Secondly, that's a lot of disorders for the meds you take in. Sorry about that. But it helps for the better, then it is for the better? All the best for whatever life gives you ahead. Also, welcome to TWS. Hope you have a great time around here. ✨✌️☮️

  • @Sagar-SK hello. Thank you for your kind words. How are you? Feel free to pm. Have just posted the next bit...

  • How beautiful and profound your words, your story is full of a thousand emotions. Thanks for sharing, not everyone is able to open up and tell who they are. We are all slaves to something, mentally or physically, we live in a prison that others choose for us. What matters is that you can feel good, feel good about yourself. Thank you very much

  • @Shardana thank you for your reply. Beautifully put yourself