• So yesterday I watched this movie of a revolutionary freedom fighter who fought for india's freedom.
    In that movie British government called them rebellious , terrorists etc. Then Bhagat singh (who influenced udham singh) said difference between revolutionary and terrorists.
    Revolutionary do symbolic acts, which will inspire people unlike terrorists. Revolutionary fight for freedom
    they don't do this to be fearsome. One has to meet all parameters to be called revolutionary. Can't be biased, Can't be communal.
    Then someone asked what first thing will u do after India get freedom?
    He said. He will watch a Charlie Chaplin movie, have a fine British wine and do ball dance with a British lady.
    That made me wonder, I thought freedom fighters were patriotic and thus they don't like foreign things and people.
    It was eye opening experience to know this side of freedom fighters and revolutionary.
    There are more things to learn from movie too, the real history and how evil British officers excused massacre in jalianwala bagh, Punjab. And England haven't officially apologized for that.
    One more thing I find fascinating (idk if it's real incident or not) but before assassination of O'Dwyer , udham singh was working in his house as house service. And once O'Dwyer asked him (o'dwyer was not aware that he was there when they did that massacre) will u kill one person to save 10, kill 10 to save 100, kill 100 to save 1000, kill thousands to save lacks (100 thousands) like he was still thinking if that act was justified to do. After more than 20 years. O'Dwyer didn't regret what he did wrong. And has no guilt of it.
    Udham singh could kill him that moment, he was armed but he didn't. He shoot him 6 bullets when O'Dwyer was finished give speech.
    Ugh, I went out of topic 😅, I just wanted to say it's new experience to know more about revolutionaries' thinking.

  • Akin to the Clergy and the Nobility who considered the third estate arsonists of the French revolution.

    Akin to an insurrectionist/ jihadist who (too) considers himself a freedom protector of his faith , his ideas/ideologies . freedom.

    Akin to Pakistan still considering Osama a martyr till date

    Just as one man's revolutionary is another man's terrorist,
    A Revolution for one is terrorism for another.

    Its a matter of perspectives and vested interests.
    It was terrorism for the colonial empire since it was a headache to them and a threat to the very existence of their empire!
    And revolution for one man since it would be a long-awaited victory of his ideas and beliefs.

    (Not to say he (udham) was a terrorist , he wasn't!)

    About the celebrations ,
    I reckon it was a bit too much , maybe artistic licensing and deviation from the actual story (obviously for copyright reasons / or maybe lack of adequate data)
    Maybe an effort to butter up the General.

  • @Its-the-Respawn
    Is this thing u made up or read somewhere? If u read it somewhere then link me.
    Revolutionary should believe I humanity. I don't think Osama believed in that. It sounds like propaganda to justify his actions

  • @Ash, thank you for the effort you made writing this post. I think I will have to watch this movie, thanks to your interesting observations.

  • @Cyberdyne idk if it's available in English, but u can find this movie in Amazon prime or torrent