What is this? After all this years... How to make it work?

  • Ok, so long story short, after around 4 years together, me and my girlfriend broke up. That happened 8 years ago. I was left traumatized by the brake up. I suffered alot, i didn’t want anyone near me since then, haven’t got any self confidence left, just wanted life to past by me. After some time I tried a few relashionships but didn’t work out. They weren’t what i was looking for, someone to make me feel like her. About 3 years ago, i stopped thinking of her, stopped caring about anything, stopped caring about life, lost all hope. Last day of my holiday this year, something happened, and we met, and there was a spark again in both of us, and i felt alive again. Nothing was planned, just happened to happen at the right time, after i lost all my faith, feelings, hope. We live in different countries, i booked her tickets and we met and everything is looking good, we are together, or it’s complicated. She ask me how is it possible after so many years to feel everything so initense. To be so in love. That meanwhile i was thinking of her all this years, she moved on with the life and haven’t thought about us anymore.
    She is actually the only person i have feelings for. I want to make this work this time, i don’t want to put pressure o her but i don’t know how to do that. I want to make this work, i can’t lose her again, but i think too in the past, i overthink too much and i don’t have any self confidence.

  • can we talk I need some help from you too and maybe talking to each other would be helpful for both of us

  • @aclius are you up for it