A keen eye for... grammar?

  • After seeing the recent topics, such as the one regarding... armpit smelling, I must confess, I got kind of discouraged to make a topic, as I vehemently acknowledge that I would never manage to beat it.

    Jokes aside, I have pondered upon this question few days ago, after asking an acquaintance of mine how he feels about emojis during chatting, to which he replied with strong feelings of repulsiveness, because it takes away the expresiveness, the liberation of one another. And I can totally agree on that.

    However, this topic is all about the grammatical mistakes, the misspelled words and misplaced commas, the overused ellipsis and so on. Is grammar a determining factor when engaging into conversations, does it say anything to you about a chatting partner? We can get into the empathetic side and understand that it is not the primarily spoken language for the majority, or into the protocol of efficiency, where you want your thoughts to be be understood and delivered as fast as possible, yet that defies the purpose of chatting "properly", doesn't it?

  • @ohLookIamBack It's not that big of a deal as long as the point is clear. In formal writing, yes, it's a good idea to check your grammar. Formal grammar has its place, but social media is not it. The most important thing is clarity. Does the reader understand what the writer is saying? It is seen as intimate, hip and playful which is an asset in social media. At times, it will be easier to use just an emoji to represent an idea or concept rather than explain the concept in full details. Some, including me, may make errors because we are still learning or have a limited gasp of the English language, but before you look down on us for errors take into account that we have the initiative and tenacity to learn a foreign language and that alone takes a lot of courage and commitment.
    Let's discuss it in my languages. As I was born and raised in Central Java, I speak both Indonesian and Javanese since childhood. You choose. I will correct your grammar.

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    @ohLookIamBack My grammar is ok I suppose but my typing of that "grammar" is less than desired by most as i like to use "i" u, ur, and other short cuts.... bad habit from gaming. I don't think it should matter how one types like @kaia_ said as long as the point gets across. I do not think it makes a person look smarter or stupider. lol 🙂

  • @ohLookIamBack Very good. I have looked over many sites, and neither of them were able to point out all the grammatical mistakes. The best way to go is to get native English speaking teachers. But, of course, that's a paid job. This would be very interesting to me if you accept @Janet 's challenge. It's a great way to get a notion of the different style of writing and determine how to use phrases appropriately. Let me learn it by enjoying your battle.

  • @Janet A duel you will not have! I will ensure my win either by pointing out that it is your primary language or that you are older, thereby you had more time to prepare for this very moment. Ensuring my victory through cowardice, you know me. Unless you were suggesting some other kind of duel.

    @kaia_ I am afraid I have to pass on that, I've already spoken to her and she's a fast talker, I can hardly keep up, especially if I do not have the keyboard typing advantage. As for the mistake seeking problem, I cannot help but agree. What truly worked wonders for me was having a lot of chats at that time, learning words through the hard way at times - using them before knowing their meaning, especially for the term "whore". Chatting often results in sharing knowledge and, truth be told, saya tidak keberatan belajar bahasa ini.

  • @kaia_ My apologies if my text instilled an attitude of an almighty writer, I was merely curious whether others take proper grammar into consideration when talking to, well, others. I am far from beheading people for their mistakes, especially when it comes to something I do not master myself. Yet, look at yourself, you have well-written posts, sentences you put effort into (at the very least, that is the inkling I get), thereby I assume that you do take it into account - not to the level where you judge people, but rather where you appreciate it. Oh, and as a side-note, correcting one's grammar is but a blessing, free foreign language classes!

    @Janet Yes, yes, that is the efficiency I was talking about. In environments where time is an issue, it totally seems legitimate. However, if all you do is chat on a chatting website, where is the rush? I might understand yours based on your age - sorry haha.

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    @ohLookIamBack I challenge you to a duel.

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    Bet your grammar-concious ass spent half your life writing this horseshit.

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    @OLIAG Pft, I didn't mean a words duel. DUH

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