• What it says on the tin..BTW I am autistic / ptsd / adhd.

    I ended a 3 year friendship due to a wording I put and I mentioned her name. She said she was hurt by this. The said blog was deleted. I completely hold my hands up to it. I'm not going to blame any of the above. I do this and its a pattern friendships don't last. For me and thus was the longest one I had . I told her because I hurt her by mentioning her . It was best I walk away from this friendship as she deserves better and not me. The way I heal and get over this is that I block and erase everything from social media etc ..its how I move on and its me mentally unpacking my shit having ptsd I have to do this I don't want to be stuck in the trauma . I have cried so much tonight and today's I dont think I can cry anymore. I am hurting but its for the best. I suck at friendships. Always have.