• Hi 👋

    I am new here just looking for friends.. someone who can fire my brain. I like true crimes / unsolved mysteries / serial killers etc.

    I am into all sorts of music but at the moment EBM , VNV NATION / solar fake . And many others / but I have an eclectic taste and it can range to classical too.

    I don't wish to engage in men who are horny or women . I am asexual and not looking. I just want friends . I'm irish but born in England , I do weightlifting and I enjoy the great outdoors. And I own two cats . Im a Whovian too ( doctor who) and I am covered in tattoos to many to mention.

  • Hey, if ya want someone to talk to, i'd like to chat with you, you seem nice. I don't know how we could arrange to talk and stuff, but if possible it'd be fun to chat.

  • I am new here too, just looking for a chat buddy. 61 m Canada, with a clear nonjudgmental outlook on life, chat away if you wish :)

  • @Salty-Dawgg hey feel free to inbox me and we can chat

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